The Walled Garden at Little Plumstead

10am - 3pm: The Walled Garden Community Shop & Cafe

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Old Hall Road, Little Plumstead, Norwich, NR13 5FA


Wed 15 Sep
  • 10am - 3pm
Sun 19 Sep
  • 10am - 3pm

Visit a Victorian walled garden, and explore it's history.

From its beginnings as part of Little Plumstead Hall and then Little Plumstead Hospital, a guided tour of the site will explain the heritage planting, with refreshments to reflect the era.

During your visit to this stunning garden you will learn about the history of The Walled Garden at Little Plumstead, located just a few miles from Norwich. A place long abandoned has been brought back to life with a community shop & café located in the heart of the garden. We will share the fascinating history of the site, using displays of heritage information and photos. Guided tours by Richard Hobbs, Horticulturist & Botanist, and Ruth Boden, Horticulturalist, will allow visitors to learn about the recent renovation, the many unusual plants displayed, and why we have planted local heritage varieties of fruit trees like 'Horsford Prolific' and 'Saint Magdalen'. Included in the event are refreshments and children's activities reflecting the Victorian era, and the café and shop will be open throughout

Tour times11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm

Organiser details: The Walled Garden Shop & Cafe