Online at Oxburgh Hall

Sun 19 Sep

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Online Breckland

Come inside the roof spaces at Oxburgh and see the hidden history behind the scaffolding!

Oxburgh Hall's Roof Project has been in full swing now for over a year. Whilst conserving and repairing the roof and internal attic structures, archaeologists have removed centuries worth of debris and material lost beneath the floorboards. You can still see volunteers sifting through this material at the property - dress pins, lead shot, scraps of old books, hand written letters and strips of beautiful fabric and floral wallpaper, spanning the last 600 years have all been found. But what people don't get to see is the actual attic spaces themselves - the rooms where maids sat by the window mending clothes or servants loaded cartridges with lead shot. Come with us as we show you what's behind the scaffolding and explore the spaces with our experts!  

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