Water, Mills, Marshes: Life and Work on the Broads Story Map

Sun 19 Sep

Multiple days: Online

Broadland Online

Immerse yourself in our ‘story map’ and listen to the collection of oral histories recorded by WISEArchive

Told by the people that have lived and worked in the marshes of The Broads National Park over the last century.

Exclusive to HODs 2021, we have created a ‘story map’ using interview recordings by the WISEArchive oral history group, who since 2018, have recorded the accounts and recollections of almost 100 people who have lived and worked on the Broads as part of the Water, Mills and Marshes 'Life and Work on the Broads' project.

The stories are a fascinating insight into the rich history and ongoing changes in the Broads and have recently been published in the ‘Water, Mills, Marshes: Life and Work on the Broads’ book, available to purchase online now. More about this project can be found here on the Water Mills & Marshes website

The stories have been plotted as pins according to their location on to Google Earth. Explore the map by clicking on the pins and following the accompanying SoundCloud link to listen to their story. Listen either at home or while out exploring the Broads National Park.

Click here to listen from 10 September

Organiser details: Water, Mills and Marshes Broads Landscape Partnership Scheme