Save the Date! - Heritage Open Days returns 6-15 September 2024

Norwich Highlights

The City of Stories is full of hidden gems, an abundance of churches and two cathedrals to get lost within.

Where do we begin with Norwich... With hidden gems down cobbled streets, an abundance of churches and two cathedrals to get lost within, a collection of Museums to step back in to history, and beautiful historic green spaces you could spend a day exploring Norwich, the City of Stories, to your hearts content during the Heritage Open Days festival.

A new one for this year is from Thorns, the award-winning, independent and family run DIY store which has been trading in Norwich, Norfolk since 1835 – we couldn’t imagine Norwich Lanes without it! In the 1950s, while removing some old shelving units, the staff at Thorns discovered mysterious paintings in the Tool department, which were then covered up again to protect them. In 2013 when the Tool department was moved upstairs, the paintings, that are believed to date back to the 18th Century, were rediscovered and now Thorns are unveiling them for HODs visitors to enjoy.

On Saturday 16 September you could spot colourful dancers around the streets of Norwich, demonstrating traditional dances including Morris dancing with sticks and hankies, clog dancing and more! Morris dancing performances will be taking place at many locations in Norwich city centre, including The Forum and Chantry Square. This is a great opportunity to see different styles of traditional dance and costumes! Great fun to watch, and the dancers are always happy to chat and answer your questions.

Often referred to as the “Secret Garden of Norwich”, The Plantation Gardens have an idyllic day planned for HODs on Sunday 10 September, with local musicians and afternoon tea refreshments for all the family to enjoy. Entry is free so you can discover the history of the creation of the Garden, and how it was neglected in the mid-20th century, luckily it was rediscovered and restored from 1980. It’s not difficult to fall in love with this Victorian garden, with its gothic fountain and Italianate terrace, formal planting and woodland walks.

Make sure you leave time to visit The Forum who are hosting The Norwich Society's photography exhibition Norwich 100: caring for the past and future, with accompanying talks, as well as bookable Behind The Scenes Tours of the building! Not forgetting to celebrate 100 years of Mile Cross with various events, talks and even a procession!